Here are some videos that will give you some important information about pain and opioids. You’ll also get an idea of Don’s presentation style. Every presentation we do is geared toward your specific needs and goals. We will deliver essential tools in a compelling, engaging way

Don Teater at Fed Up Rally
Physician Presentation
Central Sensitization - A Brief Description
Discover Health TV interview
National Safety Council interview with Don and Dr. John Ewing
GoodTherapy webinar
Grand Rounds at St. Mary's Hospital
Webinar about Opioid Use
Kelly Tells the Story of Her Dad
National Safety Council interview with Don and Dr. Gregory Love
Opioids in the Workplace
Atlanta News Now - Doctors Rethink Pain Treatment
20 Minute Overview of Opioids
John Oliver Discusses Opioids
Shorter Central Sensitization Description
Weatherford College presentation
Wisconsin Safety Council seminar
Family Therapy Magazine - Article on Page 18