Less Pain. Fewer Opioids.

The Critical Answer for Today’s Opioid Crisis


Superior pain treatment with fewer opioids is scientifically valid and will save lives, preserve families, and strengthen communities

Powerful Cutting-Edge Treatment

Science tells us opioids are not powerful pain medications. In fact, taking one over the counter ibuprofen (200 mg) along with one over the counter acetaminophen (500 mg) relieves pain 60% more effectively than taking 2 Percocet pills. Also, taking opioids after injury or surgery delays recovery, raises medical costs, and increases disability.

Policy Development

We are passionate about changing treatment as usual (which has lackluster results and significant risks) and developing common sense, evidence-based policies to transform treatment outcomes. We work with agencies, organizations, hospitals, and healthcare systems to build policies that work.

Prescriber Information

It’s imperative that prescribers use current, research-supported treatment. Why start from scratch when we can give you a jump start on moving people to healthier lives with less pain? We’ll help you as you move your patients toward an enhanced quality of life, more activity, greater pleasure, and improved sleep---all with less pain. We will guide you as you explore medication treatment options for those who misuse opioids. It can be done, and we’ll show you how.

Healthcare Administrators

Healthcare administrators are often keenly aware that their current systems aren’t leading to effective change. We can help create innovative practices that lead to improved outcomes, increased satisfaction, and lower costs. Please talk with us about how we can change your workplace through dynamic approaches.

Acute Pain Treatment

We’ll walk you through the research on pain medication effectiveness. What you always heard was effective treatment often ends up with greater pain and worse outcomes. We’ll share the most effective medications for robust pain relief while avoiding the staggering downside from following outdated prescribing protocols.


Treating Chronic Pain:
Pill-Free Approaches to Move People From Hurt to Hope

The best treatment for chronic pain isn't found in a doctor's office or pharmacy – it's in the therapist's office. Written by a mental health professional and a physician with over fifty years combined experience, this skills manual will teach you how to treat pain without pills and with confidence, using cutting-edge assessments, insights and interventions.

  • Proven CBT applications to improve quality of life
  • Mindfulness tools designed to reduce pain
  • Non-opioid medical options and alternative therapies
  • Session-by-session treatment plan for individuals and groups
  • Unique worksheets, guides, exercises
  • Case examples


We both enjoy doing trainings for behavioral health providers as well as for the medical community. Our complementary specialty areas provide the full spectrum of what your organization needs. We also focus on providing consultation to dramatically improve the services you provide

Don Teater

Don has provided hundreds of trainings to medical providers, including MD’s, DO’s, and mid-level providers such as nurse practitioners and physician assistants. His goal is to impact prescribing for richer patient outcomes. He also trains emergency department personnel, nursing staff, physical and occupational therapists, and support staff.

Martha Teater

Martha has a strong interest in training behavioral health clinicians in how to understand and treat pain. Her trainings equip professionals to confidently treat pain using evidence-based mindfulness and cognitive-behavioral tools.


Teater Health Solutions can provide you with consultation around all issues related to pain treatment, prescribing for pain, and assessing progress and growth. We’ll gladly tailor services to fulfill your vision of what you and your organization can do.


We consistently receive excellent evaluations for our training and consulting. We are known for providing trainings that are interactive, engaging, and practical. Participants report making significant changes in practice, based on what they learn during our sessions

Hospital Medical Director
Pacific Northwest
I have to say that since my residency training, I have attended a handful of talks which have fundamentally changed my understanding and point of view on important health care topics. I would include this one among that group.
Arizona Dental Association
One of the best courses I’ve ever been to. The speaker was to the point and spoke in plain language that was easy to understand. He didn’t use unnecessary jargon like so many that sound like you are reading a scientific journal. At the same time, he provided a ton of useful statistics and research summaries.
2019 AAFP Annual Conference
Plan to review Dr Teater’s recommendations regularly & use in practice. This was best topic & speaker of the week. Considering its national importance, should have been Friday’s keynote address!
Loved that it was taught by two professionals from different disciplines and that we had a mix of professionals attending!
Behavioral Health Clinician
New York City
I enjoyed the training (it is definitely in my Top 3 trainings) and learned so much.  We left excited, motivated and definitely eager to use the knowledge you shared to help others.
Physical Therapist
Great teaching partnership. There was a comfortable respect and they complemented each other.